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 Application :)

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Application :) Empty
PostSubject: Application :)   Application :) EmptyThu Feb 24, 2011 9:56 pm

Hi mates. I saw your post on the forums and thought I'd pop by and apply.

Anyway here's my vital statistics:


VP (%): Only 30% at the mo, it's a new account but I'm working hard on a daily basis to improve that.
Country: Wales
Age: 26
Position: I have most experience playing as a creative striker and GK
Other Positions: Anywhere across the midfield, but I would be more than happy to fill in anywhere around the pitch when needed.
Experience: I have had a 95% completed pro and played 400 or so games in various positions with my mate in a club just the two of us. I've since given that account to my little brother cos I'm nice like that Smile because he's a lazy git and I feel it won't take me long to level up my new pro.
Negatives: My pro is hideously ugly. His face might offend.
Do you accept our Rules?: Indeedy.

Additional: I'm a real team player, like I said I'm willing to fill in wherever needed to be honest. Just love playing the game. I play to win but more importantly it's all about having a laugh and I'd love to be part of a good club with a good spirit. I'm in game most evenings until late and most days when I'm off work.

Edit: Forgot to add my PSN: Foxy_stoat69 Smile
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Application :)
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