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PostSubject: Application   Application EmptySat Feb 12, 2011 11:16 pm

VP (%): Just 2 defence accomplishments left
Country: Scottish, living in Sweden
Position: CM,
Other Positions: CAM,ST, CDM (versatile)
Experience: Played over 250 club games, most with sweetpatch team
PSN: mishmashmole
Do you accept our Rules?: Yes

I want a club to play with for the rest of FIFA 11. I play most evenings from 9pm UK time. You're organised and have set out clearly what you're all about - and I like it.

My philosophy is this. Unlike 1v1, many principles of the real game can be applied to clubs. This is due to the fact each player is controlled by a human and therefore can, play each position well, adapting to what's going to happen rather than reacting to what just happened. Aniother reason I want to play with you guys is that you are 11.

I don't claim to be a fantastic player, but I know football and I have every accomplishment except for two and the GK. I like to play in the middle and would prefer CAM, ST, or CDM.
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