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 Application for 3

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PostSubject: Application for 3   Application for 3 EmptySun Jan 02, 2011 8:31 pm

Applying here for 3 people, we're a package deal so will have to live with all 3 of us Smile

VP (%): Everything except GK and FK-related things done.
Country: Denmark
Position: ST
Other Positions: RAM/LAM/RM/LM/RW/LW/CM/CDM/CAM/LB/RB - Pretty much a whole lot.
Experience: Played for quite a few clubs in Fifa10, some better than others, but been too long so can't remember names. In Fifa11 I played for TESCO, but due to inactivity me and my mates tried to make our own, but we lacked in time to commit to making a new team.
PSN: Humle9

Description: Teamplayer, solid passing and combinations with teammates. Prefers to pass the ball rather than shoot or dribble.

VP%: 65-ish%
Country: Denmark
Position: CDM
Other Positions: CM
Experience: TESCO and left for same reasons as above.
PSN: PallSokovski

Description: Teamplayer. Very disciplined, plays the appointed role. Very good clean-up man defensively. Perhaps lacking slightly in passing due to playing very defensive roles in previous club.

VP%: 70-ish%
Country: Denmark
Other Positions: CM, CAM
Experience: Tesco and left for same reasons as above.
PSN: awesome-playa91

Description: Teamplayer, Very good at the transition from defense to offense, good at spreading the play out. Solid tackler.

To say a little something about all of us, we're all 3 from Denmark. Therefore we all speak english fluently, so there should be no communication problems. As written in the applications we all played for Tesco. In Tesco(and also briefly in the club we tried to make) Pall and Awesome played the 2 CDM roles in a 4-2-3-1 formation, which turned out to be a strong foundation as both were great defensively, and the slightly better offensive qualities of Awesome, combined with the very disciplined defensive work of Pall resulted in a very balanced midfield. I myself (Humle9, the one writting all of this) started as CDM but was changed to RAM and ST as the coach thought I was too creative to be playing as a CDM.

That's about it, looking forward to hearing from you Smile
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Application for 3
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