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 Application (Rejected: left the club)

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Application (Rejected: left the club) Empty
PostSubject: Application (Rejected: left the club)   Application (Rejected: left the club) EmptyMon Oct 18, 2010 10:30 am

Hey all.I've told to check the forum, and I am interested into joining the club,


Name: Danny.

Age: 15.

PSN: xJackWilshere_19

Positions: Midfielder - Striker.

VP Overall: 80.

Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Me: I like play fifa 11 everyday and sometimes through the nights. I like to pass the ball about, rather than being selfish and shoot everywhere. I am sensible with the ball. I am alike type of Jack Wilshere.
I never lags with the other country, I've got good connections.

Cheers for reading, I hope to hear from you guys asap.

Thank you,
- Dano.
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Application (Rejected: left the club)
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